Graduate Level Courses:

ME 254 - Thermodynamics I

Quantum mechanical description of atomic and molecular structure; development of classical thermodynamics from statistical treatment of microscale molecular behavior; statistical-mechanical evaluation of thermodynamic properties; non-equilibrium phenomena; phase transitions; elementary kinetic theory; applications.

Upper Division Courses:

ENGIN 177 - Advanced Programming with MATLAB

The course builds an understanding, demonstrates engineering uses, and provides hand-on experience for object-oriented programming as well as exposes a practical knowledge of advanced features available in MATLAB. The course will begin with a brief review of basic MATLAB features and quickly move to class organization and functionality. The introduced concepts are reinforced by examining the advanced graphical features of MATLAB. The material will also include the effective use of programs written in C and FORTRAN, and will cover SIMULINK, a MATLAB toolbox providing for an effective ways of model simulations. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be placed on examples and homework assignments from engineering disciplines.