Bob Serauskas at GRI is the Program Manager of our project. If you have an official question he is the person to contact. His phone number is (773) 399-8208, his mailing address is c/o Gas Research Institute, 8600 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60631-3562, his Internet address is and his fax number is (773) 399-8170.

For scientific questions please contact Greg Smith or one of the other contact people listed below for each institution. You may also send a message to all of them at once. Clicking on the institution names will bring lists of all investigators contributing to the GRI-Mech project at those sites. We also acknowledge the past and present contributors outside of these four institutions.

Institution Contact Person E-Mail Address
University of California, Berkeley Michael Frenklach
Stanford University Tom Bowman
SRI International Greg Smith

To cite GRI-Mech, please refer to the individual release versions, referencing the one you are actually using.

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