The present reaction table contains reactions of GRI-Mech 2.11.

The reactions comprising GRI-Mech were first assembled from current literature and their rate coefficients evaluated considering experimental spread and theoretical consistency as some of the criteria. 53 rate coefficients were selected for further numerical optimization against chosen experimental targets, based on the ranking established by sensitivity analysis, and four of them were modified as a result of model optimization.

The reactions are organized in two tables:

C-H-O A list of C-H-O reactions (reactions 1 to 177, those comprising GRI-Mech 1.2)
N-REACTIONS A list of reactions of N-containing species (reactions 178 to 279)

Each of these tables presents a list of reactions indicating those whose rate coefficients served as optimization variables. Clicking on the individual reactions will bring up citations for the initial sources, comments on the final choice of the rate coefficient expression, and the values of the forward and reverse rate coefficients, equilibrium constant, and standard entropy and enthalpy changes for this reaction at several temperatures from 300 to 3000 K (and several pressures when pressure dependent) computed with GRI-Mech 1.2 kinetic and thermodynamic data.

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